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  -  Steve

​Nice, representative Texas whitetail from Llano County ("The Deer Capital of Texas") in the beautiful Hill Country - taken with Precise Ammunition in a Winchester Model 70 Super Grade chambered in .264 Winchester Magnum with a Barnes 130 grain TSX flatbase bullet leaving the muzzle at 3,250 fps. 
Shipping address: 9100 Calera Drive, Unit 4, Austin, TX 78735
Precise loads the ammunition the hosts use!
Precise is a dealer for MagnetoSpeed chronos
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Precise is a dealer for Tubb products 
Precise is a loader for Quality Cartridge brass
Precise is a dealer for North Fork bullets
Precise loads TrueShot bullets for big bore pistol
Rob Stone hosts Alaska Outdoors TV on the Outdoor Channel! 

His Dall Sheep was taken with a .300 Winchester Magnum shooting Precise Ammunition loaded with Barnes TTSX 180 grain bullets leaving the muzzle at 3,000 fps. This loading produces 3,500 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle!

With a G1 ballistic coefficient of .473, a sectional density of .271, and virtually 100% weight retention, this Barnes bullet is just the right medicine for sheep at a distance!