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Custom rifle ammunition is all we do, and it truly is CUSTOM.  When you contact us, we’ll load exactly the bullet you want, and can do custom load development to deliver the most accuracy from your rifle.  We load all of our custom ammunition by hand with exceptional care and attention to detail.  

All cases and bullets are individually inspected and cases are fully prepared for maximum accuracy and function. Each powder charge is measured by weight rather than volume.  Each box of ammunition is created by a single hand loading expert on a single stage press from start to finish.

Assembly lines can’t manufacture or reload truly custom ammo.  For example, I recently examined a box of Match ammunition made by a premium volume manufacturer.  Their rounds varied up to 11/1000s in length, with a runout of up to 8/1000s.  That won't create repeated accuracy, because the rounds THEMSELVES are different and will have a different harmonic in your rifle.  Precise Ammunition will vary in length by less than 2/1000s with a runout of less than 3/1000s.  
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At Precise Ammunition, we develop custom ammunition that will shoot under 1 MOA (1 inch at 100 yards) or better in factory rifles:
  • Understand your shooting application and needed performance: cartridge, range, velocity, ballistics, terminal performance, etc. 
  • Help you select bullet manufacturer, type, and weight to achieve your needed performance – selecting among all bullets that are available for a given cartridge
  • Identify the best load for your specific rifle and bullet 
  • Manufacture to extremely tight tolerances so that the identified best load for your rifle can be reliably produced in the quantity you need.

We can help you find the right load for your rifle and application!
Hi, I'm Steve, and I'm the owner of Precise Ammunition! 

I thank you for your visit today, and look forward to serving you as a customer! 

At Precise Ammunition, we recommend that you start by finding the loading that works best with your specific rifle’s barrel harmonics.  You can do that through our Sample Pack process (where you shoot test rounds) or your can send us your rifle and we'll do a Custom Load Development and testing.

Both of these processes allow you to find the loading of custom ammunitionthat shoots best for YOUR RIFLE!  

Each rifle is unique - rifles of a given cartridge (even from the same manufacturer) vary in chamber dimensions, metallurgy, etc.  Therefore, each rifle will have a unique best load for each bullet manufacturer/type/weight.

At Precise Ammunition, our goal is to help you find that BEST LOAD!  Then, we can reload your brass to continue to maintain your accuracy!  

What are the benefits of identifying your rifle's BEST LOAD:
  • Ammunition shoots <1 MOA to extend your maximum effective range
  • Once your rifle/ammunition performance is known and reliable, you can focus on improving your practice -- “practice" doesn’t make perfect, "perfect practice" does
  • You get the exact bullet type and weight you want - no compromises
  • You can have multiple loads for a rifle developed for different hunting applications (different bullet type/weight)
  • You can have the brass reloaded many times, so you can shoot with no fall-off in accuracy or need to “find a new load”


176 inch slick typical 10-pointer taken on Sandstone Mountain Ranch in beautiful Llano, Texas - November 2013!

​This beauty was taken with Precise Ammunition in a 7mm Remington Magnum loaded with Berger 140 grain Hunting VLDs leaving the muzzle at 3,125 fps!

Amazing terminal performance, deer went straight down and didn't move!  Thanks Berger Bullets!
Rob and Matthew Stone (the two on the right) host Alaska Outdoors TV on the Outdoor Channel! 

This Kodiak Brown Bear was taken in Uyak Bay with a .338 Winchester Magnum shooting Precise Ammunition loaded with Barnes TTSX 225 grain bullets leaving the muzzle at 2,750fps. This loading produces 3,750 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle!

With a G1 ballistic coefficient of .514, a sectional density of .281, and virtually 100% weight retention, this Barnes bullet is just the right medicine for big brown bear!